Great Start Preschool

 Great Start Readiness Application

The Great Start Readiness Program is a tuition FREE Pre-school that prepares children for kindergarten. Eligible students are children of Monroe County who attain age 4 by December 1st of the current school year. The program explores pre-reading, math, science skills, uses language for a variety of purposes including music and movement, investigates problem-solving and children learn to exercise large and small motor skills.

The Great Start Readiness Program is funded by a grant from the Michigan Department of Education. The State has identified factors that may affect your child's education at any time in his/her kindergarten through 12th grade school career.

Examples of these factors include:

* Your child has a delay.

* Your child has challenging behavior.

* Your family's primary language is not English.

* You do not have a high school diploma or GED.

* You -- or you child -- has experienced abuse or neglect.

 Mrs. Hovey

 Heather Hovey
 734-529-2350 Ext. 12334

Mrs. Turner

 Carmen Turner
 734-529-2350 Ext. 12334