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Under the supervision of the Superintendent, this department is responsible for maintenance of the all schools building necessary to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the students and staff. This includes maintenance duties of all types inside the building and grounds care outside. Give a big thanks to our maintenance staff for maintaining and updating our buildings and grounds.

The District relies on our maintenance staff to use their expertise to do most repairs and improvements in-house without the use of outside contractors.  It is our goal, when necessary to hire outside contractors, to use local businesses and vendors as much as possible.  This allows the district to save thousands of dollars a year. 

We have implemented an online equipment management program to assist with scheduling reoccurring maintenance and maintaining repair logs.  Just a few examples of the work we do are:  replacing over 480 filters four time annually on our heating and cooling systems, servicing the heating and cooling systems, maintaining equipment in classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, snow removal and light grounds work. 

              Mr. David Todd David Todd
Maintenance Director
734-529-2350 Ext. 11007
  Ron Silveira
Assistant Maintenance Director