Artist Pallet With Paint

Supporting the Arts at Dundee Middle School

We are excited to share two ways you can support the DMS art program.

  1. Volunteer at The Little Red Schoolhouse

  2. Purchase your child's matted artwork in time for Mother's Day

Little Red Schoolhouse

Dundee Community Schools is scheduled to be at the Little Red Schoolhouse on Saturday, August 5. If your child has already been selected to have artwork displayed at the Little Red Schoolhouse, please sign up for one session of “Guard Duty.” There are 3 time slots to choose from. We must have a minimum of 12 volunteers for that day. We appreciate this so much!

Click here for students who will have art at the Monroe County Fair 2023. This list will continue to grow throughout the school year.

Purchase Student Artwork

Please also take a minute to look at our Virtual Art Show! This is our biggest art fundraiser of the year. If you would like to purchase your child's artwork, the cost is $20 for the matted artwork. (We have sold out of the frames!) Our goal is to sell 20 more pieces. The artwork will make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift! You can pay online, pay cash or make checks payable to Dundee Middle School, memo Art.

If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Capling.