About Riverside

Learning Expectations

The Riverside Academy High School student:

  • writes effectively

  • reads effectively

  • speaks effectively

  • listens effectively

  • uses technology effectively

  • understands personal wellness skills

  • demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • demonstrates an understanding of culture and the arts

  • plans and sets goals for transition to post graduate life

  • demonstrates a sense of citizenship and community

Area of Focus and Program Offerings

  • Building Relationships

    • Life Skills/Advisory

  • Post- Secondary Initiative

    • Encourage Application to a Post-Secondary Program

  • Trimesters

    • Able to build credit recovery into the normal school day.

  • Sustained Silent Reading and writing program

  • Social Service Networking

    • Helping students obtain Birth Cert., State Id’s, SS benefits, Counseling, housing, job seeking skills, resume writing.

  • Community Service

  • Virtual Program

  • Summer School

  • Work Experience 

Features of Riverside Academy


Trimesters allow us to build credit recovery into the regular schedule.  We are able to offer more classes throughout the school year so students can recover classes and possibly graduate on time.  By building credit recovery into the normal day students are able to work or do other things after school.  All school work is done in class, giving students more time to ask the teachers questions and giving teachers more time to focus on the individual student. Summer School is also available giving students extended opportunities to recover credits. We also offer the opportunity to receive school credit for work experience once students have worked a job for more than 60 hrs. in a trimester. 

Virtual Program

Riverside Academy has a seat time waiver program for those students who are unable to attend a traditional classroom. We have the flexibility to handle a variety of situations to address the needs of the student. Our virtual program is designed to follow the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Relationship Building

At Riverside, we feel that building relationships with our students is an important part of students' ability to become successful in school. We offer Life Skills classes focusing on everyday life experiences, current events and career goals. Classes are set up so students have the teachers for multiple classes throughout the day, which builds a stronger relationship between students and staff.  We also participate in activities outside of school to enhance staff and student relations.  

Social Services Networking

We have established partnerships with case managers that assist students with social service needs. The case manager works with students who need help navigating the health and human services network.  We have created relationships with the Michigan Youth Opportunity Program, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and other community social services.

Post Secondary Initiatives

Emphasis on post-secondary planning is an important part of the Riverside Academy curriculum.

Students are offered the opportunity to tour Owens Community College, Toledo, OH and Monroe County Community College, Monroe, MI as well as Washtenaw Community College.  Career representatives from ITT Tech, Specs Howard School of Media Arts, and the University of Northwestern Ohio do yearly presentations.

100% of Riverside Academy seniors submitted applications to at least one post-secondary program.

Sustained Silent Reading Program

Riverside Academy allows students the opportunity to choose and read books that they are interested in through sustained silent reading.  According to several studies done on student literacy, including one from Scholastic, students who choose what to read are more likely to enjoy and comprehend the book than those who are assigned a book.  Through this class, students are also able to write better about the book they chose, since they typically choose stories that have plots or characters they can relate to.

Community Service

Community Service is an integral component of the Riverside Academy curriculum. Every student is encouraged to give back to the community and opportunities are provided throughout the year to achieve this goal.  Graduating seniors are required to participate in 2 hours of service prior to graduation.