Superintendent's Office

Scott Leach

Jenny Wilson

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
734-529-2350, ext. 11001

August Ost

Assistant Superintendent
734-529-2350, ext. 13000

Business Office

Dundee Community Schools offers 403(b) plans as a payroll deduction option.  Due to the complexity of the IRS regulations and related paperwork a third party handles the administration of these plans.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this program go to TSA Consulting Group.

Kimberly Worden

Business Manager
734-529-2350, ext. 11002

Julie Walsh-Destrampe

Payroll Specialist
734-529-2350, ext. 11003

Coryn Mifsud

Accounts Payable
734-529-2350, ext. 11004

Special Education

Kelly Keyes

Director of Special Education

Administrative Staff

Marylen Nobile

District Nurse


Ross Crow

Athletic Director
734-529-2350, ext. 11015

Andrea Schroeder


Welcome to the Technology Department!

We are committed to providing the best and most current technology to our staff and students. Thanks to the County-Wide Technology Millage, we have a range of devices from traditional desktops to mobile devices such as iPad and Chromebooks and can provide students with access to a wide set of programs and websites that enhance learning and comprehension, that by graduation time, prepare them for real-world applications. 

Quick links

 Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

 Technology Help Desk Technology Help Desk

Technology Help Desk Technology Help Desk


Student Acceptable Use Policies More...

Thomas Litchford

Director of Technology
7345292350, ext. 11006

Victoria Core

Technology Help Desk
734-529-2350, ext. 11005

Andrew Jasinski

Level II Technician
734-529-2350, ext. 11012

Liason Officers

John Schiappacasse

School Resource Officer (High School and Riverside Academy)

734-529-2350 x11016 or 11019

Joe Gore

School Resource Officer (Elementary and Middle School)
734-529-2350 x11016 or 11019



The Dundee Community Schools' Transportation Department is contracted through Auxilio.


Buses and Routes

Gina Cress Photo

Gina Cress

Director of Transportation
734-529-2350, ext. 11011

Food Service

Chartwells Logo

The Dundee Community Schools' Food Service Program is operated by Chartwells.

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee

Food Service Director
734-529-2350, ext. 11014



The Dundee Community Schools' Custodial Department is operated by Auxilio Services Group.




Darrell Eaton

Dundee Community Schools

Custodial Supervisor

Vickie Fugate

Dundee Community Schools

Night Custodial Supervisor

 staff Custodial

Darrell Eaton

Darrell Eaton

Custodial Supervisor

Vickie Fugate

Night Custodial Supervisor


Dundee Community Schools Facilities

Under the supervision of the Superintendent, the Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of four school buildings and adjoining grounds.  Our role is to provide a safe, secure, structurally sound, and adequately maintained learning environment.

Our maintenance staff is responsible for the maintenance and care of our buildings, playgrounds, natatoriums and athletic fields. When situations require the need to hire outside contractors, we utilize local and Michigan based contractors and vendors as much as possible.

The maintenance department relies on maintenance staff to complete most repairs and improvements in-house including:

  • maintaining equipment in classrooms, bathrooms and hallways

  • servicing district HVAC systems

  • changing air handler filters

  • sidewalk snow removal and salting

  • grounds work

  • LED lighting upgrades

  • daily pool testing and monitoring

The maintenance department works closely with our contracted service providers for lawn, snow and custodial services to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment for students and staff.

We have completed several bond-funded projects to improve the safety and security of our facilities and implemented an online asset management program to streamline our work order system and to efficiently manage preventative and reactive maintenance.

This plan applies to the following school facilities:


David Todd

Director of Facilities
734-529-2350, ext. 11007

Josh Salley

Maintenance Assistant

Jeff Destrampe

Maintenance Assistant

Curriculum & Instruction


Dundee Community Schools sets extremely high standards and expectations for all students.   As part of our strategic plan, our district is in the process of creating and publishing curriculum maps to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning.

Below are links to Michigan's Academic Standards that our schools follow.  Teachers implement the standards into dynamic lessons balanced with technology integration and project-based learning.

Curriculum Standards


middle school

high school

Process For Curriculum Development and Selection of Materials